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How to Choose the Right Ladder for Home Use

wooden ladder

Ladders play a critical role in each home. Therefore, when buying a ladder you want to make sure you get it right. You should ask yourself a few questions to ensure you are choosing the best ladder. For an average homeowner, you need a ladder to act as a step stool to get to higher shelves, change smoke detector batteries, or light bulbs. These are the tips to help you choose the best ladder for home use.


using a ladderYou should note that there are various types of ladders available on the market that can do the job. The different ladder types are meant to keep you productive and safe when standing or climbing. Ignoring limitations of the ladder or using the wrong one can result in injuries and falls. Many homeowners are used to extension and basic step ladders. There are also specialty ladders, such as telescoping, scaffolding, and tripod models. Make sure you consider the style to get the right type of ladder.

Proper Height

There is a need to pick the best ladder that suits your requirements. If you are looking for an extension ladder, you need to ensure it is at least 7 to 10 ft longer. This will provide you with an adequate length for setup. Remember that the maximum permitted height depends on the style of ladder you choose.

Duty Rating

Ladders are meant to hold a given amount of weight. You can find ladders available in a range of duty ratings depending on the type and grade. Ideally, the duty rating is the recommended safe load capacity of your ladder. This means you have to take into account your weight plus the tools you are carrying. The total weight should be less than the ladder’s safe load. Remember that ladders are meant to handle different applications.

Choose the Right Material

tripod ladderThe idea behind choosing the best ladder is based on the material. You can find ladders made of aluminum and fiberglass. Remember that every material has unique features that make it perfect for a range of applications. For instance, a given material can be perfect for a given application and may not be suitable for other purposes. Some ladders when they get into contact with electrical wires can result in electrocution. Also, some materials cannot be exposed to harsh weather or chemicals as they can corrode and become weaker.…