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How to Deal with Household Pests

an exterminator truck

Pests can invade our house without mercy. Not only do they give us skin irritation and disgust, but some of them can also be harmful to our health. Moreover, some pests are even destructive to the house’s structure. For instance, termites infestation will make our home vulnerable to structural collapse.

As soon as you find a creeper in the house, you should be better to deal with it. And below is a guide to eliminating household pest infestation.

Tracking the Nest

a nesting ratWhen there is an infestation in the house, the pest’s nest must have been located nearby. If you deal with big pests, such as rodents and bats, you can track their droppings to find out where they reside. Usually, those animals prefer a moist and dark place to breed and feed.

While tracking the nest, wearing a mask and gloves is vital. Bat’s dropping, or guano, contains a deadly fungus that can cause lung infection. Rat’s excrements are the living place of tons of harmful bacteria. You do not want to contact with those things skin to skin.

Exterminating the Problem

a poisoned ratBy the time you reach the nest, you may have two scenarios. The first scenario is you find the nest together with the pests still living there. And the second scenario is that the nest has already been empty because the pests sense your visit. Without the right equipment, it will be hard to exterminate them to the roots.

Therefore, the ideal solution would be hiring a professional exterminator. For rodent infestation in California, you can contact rodent control. Their rodent control service handles squirrels, mice, rats, and gophers.

However, if you insist on getting rid of the pest by yourself, you can smoke them out with a fogger, trap them, or poison them with pesticides. Zinc phosphide, warfarin, or bromadiolone are some rat poisons that you can buy from nearby home appliances stores. But please be careful in using those poisons, as your kids or pets may unintentionally ingest them.

Preventing Future Infestation

a sealed crackPests invade our house because they find foods and shelter. Therefore, from now on, you must not let any leftover foods be scattered anywhere in the house. Putting the household waste inside a closed container will also prevent pests from thriving.

The next thing to do is to ensure that all the vents and gaps in the house structure are sealed. Examine every corner in the house from roof to basement, and you should see if there are any entrance points. Do not undermine a small and narrow crack as bugs can enter the house through it.…