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Facts About Carpet Cleaning

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Cleaning the carpet is the hardest part of keeping the home cleaning. Keeping the carpet clean requires some level of commitment and care. Fortunately, you do not have to do carpet cleaning on your own. We now have companies like carpet cleaners that offer carpet cleaning services.

These cleaning companies have all the tools and equipment to do the carpet cleaning. You can now keep your home clean without spending a lot of time focusing on the carpet. It is essential to understand about carpet cleaning to keep our homes clean and hygienic. Here are tips on carpet cleaning:

Clean Stains as Soon as They Occur

If you have a bright coloured carpet, trying to keep it stain-free is an uphill task. Wine and coffee spills can leave the carpet with a permanent stain. It is advisable always to clean the stains as soon as they occur instead of waiting for the next cleaning period.

One of the ways to clean wine and coffee spills is by using a clean piece of cloth. Put some water in your piece of cloth and clean the stains. Clean the stains by putting pressure on the stain instead of rubbing it. Rubbing the stain will only spread the stain to other parts.

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A Dirty Carpet Can Make You Sick

A dirty carpet can make you sick. You need to clean your carpet at least once every three months. Regular carpet helps you to eliminate all the dust and dirt.

If you are allergic to dust, a dirty carpet can make your allergy symptoms worse. It might also cause respiratory diseases that care caused by dust. Cleaning your carpet regularly will prevent diseases in the home.

Take Care of Your Carpet Fabric

carpet cleaningCleaning your carpet is one thing, but you need to take care of the fabric. When cleaning the carpet, you need to take extra care.
Some fabrics like wool are very sensitive, and they need a special cleaning procedure.

It is also important to avoid any harsh chemicals away from your sensitive carpet to maintain quality. Cleaning your carpet the wrong way can lead to damage.

Green Carpet Cleaning

For people who want to take care of the environment, clean carpet cleaning is now an option. It involves cleaning the carpet with chemicals that harmful to the environment.

By going for green cleaning, you protect your carpet, but at the same time, you protect the environment from harsh chemicals.…

How to deal with radon gas contamination

Radon Test pack

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that is a byproduct of decaying radioactive substances such as uranium. Contrary to popular belief uranium can be found din many places around the world in the soil. Radon is a gas that is easily inhaled and is a health hazard. In fact, if left unattended, the long-term inhalation of this gas can cause lung cancer in anyone. IT is a form of radiation, and many people are exposed to it without the slightest inclination.

How does it affect humans?

Despite having a short lifetime due to it being a gas, it has the tendency to accumulate in housesDanger sign and buildings for long periods. To learn if your house has this gas you can check out and get is touch with a team that can test and inspect if it is contaminated. According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the US, the inhalation of this gas is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking tobacco. Many people who work in the mining industry are prone to radon contamination and the subsequent onset of lung cancer.

How does it enter your home?

Since the gas is a naturally occurring process in the soil, it enters through the cracks in your home’s foundation. It can accumulate a lot in places like basements which are closer to the ground and don’t have much ventilation. In fact, the inhalation of this gas and subsequent onset of lung cancer has caused approximately 21,000 deaths in the US alone with almost 3,000 of them being non-smokers.

How to check if your home is contaminated

Radon test packIf you have doubts about your home being contaminated with this radioactive gas, you should get it checked out immediately. There are companies that specialize in testing homes and buildings for this gas. You can find them by doing a quick online search. If the town or city you live in is known for radon gas contamination, there may be a few companies performing these tests. You can contact them and ask them to visit your home and make a thorough inspection. They may not be involved in mitigation and remedial measures so you can be sure that they will give you an honest opinion about the air quality in your home. If it is found to contain radon gas, you should get the problem sorted as soon as possible.…